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"I found Daniel after desperately spending hundreds of hours searching the internet for hopeful stories of recovery from Accutane, a horrific acne medication. The stories on long-term side effect online support groups are dismal; once afflicted with damage, there are almost never happy endings. Daniel had the same severe issues as me from the medication - severe fibromyalgia and arthritis, with the constant agonizing sensation of ripping, burning, cracking and tearing throughout our bodies. Unlike other sufferers who in horrible pain for years or sometimes decades, Daniel was able to heal himself! Daniel is the walking miracle I’d been wishing to find for years and has given me so much hope in trusting the process of healing. He generously guided me through a protocol, giving me the important tips that were essential to his own miraculous recovery. Daniel is wise beyond his years - I understand first-hand the level of suffering he’s had to endure to make it out the other end. Many detox specialists and holistic health coaches I’ve considered working with have healed themselves from comparatively milder physical afflictions, and I chose to work with Daniel because the challenges he overcame are incredible. He’s a leader by example and lives the essential holistic mind-body-spirit connection throughout his daily life. Having seen so many doctors and various practitioners over the years, I truly feel that Daniel has the rare set of qualities it takes to be a true healer: intuition, an understanding of healing process, genuine kindness, and an evolved consciousness gained humbly through suffering."

-Shelly N


"I know Dan is a true healer because his light and egoless caring connected through my fear, vulnerability and traumatized distrust. I had been in disease since an infant from participation in medical “health care” and mainstream diet. When I met Dan at 23 I had been taking pharmaceuticals and eating toxins for a lifetime. I have fought for my life spiritually, physically and psychologically: bedridden sleeping 18 hour days, unable to breathe without a medical device and in seething pain. I was told I needed an eight-hour surgery where my skull would be broken and restructured to breathe. Sadly worse than the unbearable isolation and somatic experience was the invalidation and shaming from my past help-seeking experiences. Being ill and past experiences of feeling like there are no answers or that anyone truly cares is scary. Please don’t let this stop you from seeking help. Working with Dan has been an experience of confidence, humility, and empathy that can only be cultivated from someone that has experienced and transcended through the same suffering. Applying his practices I have witnessed my physical body regenerate... and to experience this good come from suffering has been beautiful."

- Felicia 

"Daniel truly works from the heart. His endless knowledge paired with a strong sense of intuition he has assisted me in getting my life back. He is always there when any worries come and have become a friend through the detoxification and regeneration process. It’s clear to see that this is his calling by the amount of passion he has as well as the pure joy he gets from helping people heal."

- Katrina


"My name is Jacob and I found Daniel on Instagram in a desperate search to heal my cancer. Daniel was overwhelmingly ready to help as much as I could handle. I was stepping into a whole unknown world of knowledge for me and Daniel helped each step of the way. I had already been "ripe for the picking" for Daniel as I had already familiarized myself with youtube videos of Dr. Morse. Daniel gave me a free iris reading and offered several gems of advice with a heart full of love for me. Daniel continues to offer guidance as I am continuing this journey to heal "stage 3 cancer" aka acidosis. Thank you, my friend, Daniel!"

- Jacob

"I stumbled upon Daniel online as I was looking for someone who could instruct me further on deep, internal healing with fruits and fasting.

He got back to me straight away offering me key figures to research and look into for myself. I soon arranged a phone call with him more from a curious standpoint rather than a full consult and he spoke to me for over an hour answering all and any questions I had. Finance didn’t seem a concern to him as he seemed more interested in just sharing his knowledge. I insisted on paying him something for his time anyway as I was very grateful and got a lot from our conversation. His laidback and youthful demeanour made me feel very relaxed and very comfortable during our discussions, although this also made me dubious as to how extensive his knowledge and experience base would be considering his young age. He seemed too friendly and too young to know about healing serious diseases at only 22! I soon was taken aback to discover that not only was he extremely knowledgable in cellular detoxification, he had also proven it by healing himself from a chronic illness by the application of what he has learned - which still inspires me to this day. I started out curious and questioning the fruitarian diet and fasting techniques to heal the human system and now I am fully convinced that this is the pinnacle of health and healing for all people everywhere. After researching the sources that Daniel directed me to and digging deep in this area, I now have a much fuller understanding on how my body works and exactly what I need to do (or stop doing) to help my body heal itself... and allow it to do what it was naturally designed to do. I now feel liberated as I have taken back the power of my own health in my own hands and can help to pass on the message of detoxification to help other people too on their healing journey." -Sabine



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