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Greetings, my name is Daniel James Duncan. As a holistic coach, my passion & devotion is geared towards assisting people on a physical, emotional & spiritual level to achieve the ultimate version of themselves, by finding true Health & Balance on all fronts. My path has been quite a dramatic swing, being pushed into challenging experiences, with support & assistance from the many Angels in my Life, in the form of friends & family - I've been fast-tracked to learn & grow tremendously, in short period of time. 


After navigating the woes of depression & anxiety throughout my later years in high school (16-17), by simply living out of rhythm with nature, isolating myself most of the time, playing video games & scouring the internet for knowledge, experiencing the beauty of this planet mostly through a screen, I naturally developed certain imbalances in the body - my physical health grew weaker as my digestive & nervous plummeted.


After a few years of seeking answers in conventional naturopathic fields (17-18 years of age), then, followed by invasive medical procedures (18-19), to try & understand why I was suffering, which provided no further insight - they could not figure out what was happening. Only after I began my health journey with juicing & high fruit, plant based diet, putting in the work to detox & cleanse my body, did I realize what was going on all those years prior, where I was waking up to crippling, stabbing pains in my “stomach” (eventually learning it was my transverse colon, where it begins to descend) & nausea that couldn’t be explained (overworked liver), I simply couldn’t get out of bed until this pain passed, sometimes it went on until 10-11 in the morning. I wasn’t digesting food properly, nor was I eliminating consistently (I was always slim and never noticed, but things were backing up), at the time I did not know any of this. The cause? Weakened adrenal glands, inhibiting peristalsis, poor elimination of food out of the small intestines & colon (due to the dense, dehydrated nature of cooked foods, wheats, grains & starches), also, a low functioning pancreas, liver, gallbladder, mostly influenced by stress. Not one single specialist that I went to (I spent years seeking insight from multiple "health professionals"), were ever able to come close to touching on what was *actually* going on inside my body. Now, these issues in today's youth are becoming increasingly more common, but in 2012 when it was happening to me, it was a little more rare for these symptoms & conditions to arise, especially for someone my age. But the suffering I experienced from this, barely scratched the surface of what I inevitably had to go through, to find these modalities that have now taken my health to a level that I, & most people in today's world, could never imagine possible. We have become so adjusted to a profoundly unstable level of experience, on a physical, mental & emotional level, that we have no clue what True Health actually feels like.


As I started to alleviate these acute symptoms (19 years old), by incorporating fruit smoothies for breakfast, (as this was the only food I could tolerate most of the time...) I slowly began to exercise, appreciating the outdoors more, now that I was able to get up earlier in the mornings & enjoy my body... being forced to spend so much time inside eventually became depressing, since I once had to wait for the pain & nausea to leave - now, I became enthusiastic & passionate for life outdoors, as that was once stripped from me. Having experienced such a decline in health, almost immediately after graduating high-school, I learned a lot, spent those years integrating everything as I grew spiritually... these years prepared Me for what followed. 


I enjoyed “physical health” for almost a year, becoming quite strong, although I wasn’t able to gain much muscle in the gym, (chronic malabsorption which I have since fixed) however it felt good, to grow strong & use my body... I got a taste for life, but my skin condition (mild acne) got worse the more I exercised. Understanding the lymphatic system now, this makes total sense, I was creating more acids (in the form of lactic acid from activity) & this further saturated an already burdened system, where my kidneys also weren't filtering. At the time, I had no clue - I decided to go the pharmaceutical route... who wouldn’t trust their doctor? Well, at that point, I had no reason not to.


I was prescribed Accutane, a drug that I have now learned is quietly compared to chemo-therapy by chemists who have measured the pH of both, saying Acccutane isn’t much less acidic than the commonly used drug to treat cancer - which is known to cause a rapid decline in bodily functions & health of tissue & cells. Well, this is exactly what Accutane did to me. Instead of taking chemo for 2 weeks at a time in large doses, I was micro-dosing this substance for a year straight.

In less than a year, I went from being physically capable & relatively happy despite having a generally weak body & inflammation on skin, to experiencing severe muscle atrophy, pain and tension in tendons, joints & bones. My nerves became hyper-sensitive, I felt like I was being burned from the inside out. In only one year of taking this drug I became practically bedridden. In the earlier days, the only reason I was able to to still go to work & do minor tasks, is because I was fortunate enough to have a dear friend (one of the Angels I mentioned) who is very intuitive with energies, gifted with bodywork, his hands and my body were one, and his massage therapy (usually 5-7 days a week, 2-3 hours a night) was just enough to bring some suppleness to my body, so I could wake up & function the next day. Without him, I would’ve ended up in a wheelchair. Each night, he would loosen my body as much as we could, I would still wake up the next morning almost as sore & tight as I was the day before, even having just rested for 7-10 hours.


I went on like this for over a year, chronically... during one of the nightly massages, where I would lay face down on the table, with a chair underneath the headrest & my laptop facing upwards, constantly browsing the internet, following trails of information on healthy diet & lifestyle practises, at the same time as I was dripping mucus out of my nose like a tap, (I had the “cold & flu” symptoms for over 8 months straight with no sign of it leaving). My cup was full, Accutane, improper diet & stress was creating so much toxicity in my body. I was so tight, tender, burning, clearing mucus from my throat & nose constantly...

I remember this night like it was yesterday. At this point I was already juice fasting, (I had found & been following John Rose’s protocol. When he mentioned Robert Morse & iridology, something triggered a resounding response in my Being - I knew I had to go & see what it was about. I went to his YouTube channel & the most recent video titled “Q&A - Accutane, fibromyalgia...” - I was stunned. This is what I was diagnosed with months beforehand, after they sent tests overseas to check for gene mutation, which I knew the results would came back negative. I was certain - whatever I was experiencing, it had been created inside me from this drug, it was fresh, not some old, underlying gene mutation that just popped its head up. I refused to listen to anyone who said I would remain that way & need constant therapy to stay out of a wheelchair until around my mid thirties when I would need care.


As I was watching this video, of Morse explaining someone else’s experience using Accutane, then sharing his experience with his patients that were once using this drug, detailing his (true) understanding of fibromyalgia & what that really is, not using the concept of 'diseases' or seeing it through the lens of an “Auto-Immune” condition, which like 'diseases', simply doesn’t exist... as he went on to explain systemic acidosis in the lymphatic system, everything immediately made sense as I saw it in my Mind's Eye, after I watched the whole video, I closed my laptop in absolute trust, knowing I no longer had to look for the next thing - I knew right then, within my heart that with this information, I would heal. I was already somewhat on the path, juicing and staying raw, with the intention of healing, knowing that doctors didn't have the answers, having refused to take pain medication, the western medicine route had no cure for my issues & were the reason I got this bad - so with Morse’s explanation of this chronic condition, as well as his teachings of regenerative detox, I took that power into my own hands, I became my own healer... 

I continued studying Morse... using the excitement I felt to create my healing, I pushed onward with the Juice Fast until I reached 100 days. This was a quantum leap for my health, to hydrate & flush for that long - also abstaining from solids was quite the spiritual practice as well - which I loved. Then, I began using Morse's herbs the week after I learned about them, I studied his teachings for almost a year straight, hours of videos & reading, gradually watching symptoms disappear. My kidneys had ached & burned for almost two years straight, that went away, my joints would get tight, achy & need to crack all the time (literally every 5 minutes), that gradually went away, my muscles were once so tight & tender, I would get knots all the time... this slowly dissipated. After a year straight of practically 100% raw, high fruit & using herbs almost the whole time, my body began to crave water... naturally, consuming so much juice, I never wanted water, I did not touch it since I began my juice fast. I relied solely on living, electric, mineral & nutrient rich waters from juice or whole fruit to sustain my hydration levels. So I took this as a sign. My body wanted ketosis....


Almost exactly one year after I began my juice fast (which was in June 2017), everything fell into place, having set the intention, planning & preparing for the water fast, I began. I fasted using my own Trust & Intuition, with the support of a few new Angels in my Life, it was a very trying time, although I had complete faith. The healing symptoms were still huge, even after, at that time, 75+ hours on a colonic table, which I started 6 months prior. Around 7 days in, amongst many other things, I had developed what doctors would call a “throat infection” - my sinus & tonsils were expelling heaps of mucus... thick, large, dark brown, green & yellow clumps of waste that was stuck in lymph & stopping blood/nerve flow & function of tissue. This continued for months after breaking the fast, heavily. I knew this area was bad, as I had hypo-thyroidism & all my symptoms were that of of a chronic parathyroid weakness (no calcium utilisation). creating joint decay, pain in muscles, nerve & tendon area, as all of these mentioned areas rely on calcium to build healthy tissue. Expelling all this gunk was particularly exciting for me, having known that this area was one of the main reasons my body was chronic. I kept encouraging expectoration by drinking hot distilled water (to break it loose during the fast), as well as lymphatically pulling juices & herbs after I broke my fast on water, to pull on & open the tissue in the throat & get it to break loose, as it was being expelled directly from the 'wall' of the throat.  When I broke my fast, I barely had the muscles or energy to walk, I had very little excess weight to lose, but it didn't take long to bounce back, to find my strength & balance - however, when I did, once the mucus finally got out of my throat, a month or so later, I *finally* felt & saw true signs of regeneration. The parathyroid is key to regenerating a damaged nervous system, joint/bone, tendon & muscle, as without it, the body won’t utilize calcium. I was so acidic, dehydrated & locked down, that the juice fasting & herbs wasn't getting this mucus out rapidly enough, that's why I was called to water fast, which pulled it all out quickly.


Without Morse, I never could’ve trusted my body enough to confidently fast on water, especially without professional supervision. Because of him & a few others, I had the necessary support & guidance, in & beyond the physical. I was in my complete trust in these teachings & the process, which was pivotal, that finally, I had healed. 


A month or so since healing, after having waited patiently all year, in October of 2018, I flew from Australia to Punta Gorda, Florida, to study under Morse. To be able to meet the man that gave me the information to take life back into my own hands & unwind the karma I had created... I cannot explain the joy this gave Me. I underwent his Level 2 course in 'Cellular Regeneration, Detoxification & clinical Iridology' as he teaches it. This time was huge for me, I grew tremendously by his presence, finding myself relating a lot to him, as well as all of my peers in attendance. I made life long friends that I will continue to work alongside, like lighthouses down the coast, as beacons, glowing for those who are lost out in the deep blue.

This path has been a massive journey for me. In less than a year & a half I’d fully regenerated all the damage to my tissue from this drug. I am now working on cleaning out all of my (chronic) malabsorption & taking my healing deeper, on a spiritual, mental & emotional level. 


After having returned to Australia in January of 2019 from my stay in America, (working in person with clients In California, getting hands on experience with people in need, a priceless time for expanding my skill as a Healer) I began my second water fast. I was able to fast for 21 days - this brought even deeper healing to my physical body, however, in the months leading up, I knew this fast would be more for my spiritual health. I uncovered layers of myself that I hadn’t dealt with before, recognized & embraced my path here, as it has been laid out for me, to support others, facilitate healing & the spreading of this information on a mass scale. I came to terms with a lot, I believe it will be this, which has help pave the way for Me to be even better equipped to assist my clients & offer the best, most sound advice, based on the individuals experience, as situations continue to present themselves. 


Having gone through this myself, learning things the 'hard way', first hand, doing certain things a particular way, that I would now deem to be in improper order, perhaps not always doing the right things when necessary, I can now pass on everything I’ve gone through, directly to each person, to ensure that they’re taking the most effective step at the exact moment necessary, providing the understanding, to know why it is that what they are doing is going to work... intention and being able to 'see' and comprehend is vital to healing, using the consciousness to encourage the body in the right direction. Nothing matters more to me, than to pass on what I’ve learned. Because of this information, I am here - it feels like borrowed time. I made a vow with the Divine when I was still suffering greatly, that when I was to heal my body, I would devote my Self towards the upliftment of others and spreading the blessings that have touched me during my journey, to those in need. my purpose in this life, is to be a way-shower for those, who, like myself at one time, was unsure of direction, almost devoid of hope & praying for answers, knowing that there must be a way out of pain & suffering - if you can create it, you can uncreate it. No one deserves to live a life where they're trapped inside a body that isn’t capable of experiencing this reality with ease & optimal functionality, let alone one that is torturing the individual. It’s my wish & my blessing to bring these modalities, as well as the resources to apply them, to everyone on this planet, so we can begin to truly heal, not just our bodies but our very nature as Human Beings, to bring Peace & Joy to this planet, having learned through all the hard times & suffering that we've experienced.

In those times we grow - it's that which leads us back to Truth, allowing us to deeply value this life & surrender to the path, that is encoded within each one of us, guiding us to find our true purpose. 

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