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First, I recommend watching the following videos in each individual playlists to fully understand what issue at hand is, with mineral deficiency/imbalance, that’s making people run into issues long-term on nutrient depleted plant based produce, especially when consistent stress and a lack of herbs during the initial detox protocols. Stress creates hormones like adrenalin and cortisol, which burns out our glands, robbing our cells of minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium and a range of others that are vital to proper function of the nervous system (adrenal glands), which then effects the liver,  thyroid, kidneys and basically every other system begins to lose its balance and shuts down…



Magnesium - (this is a priority and one of the biggest deficiencies that needs to be addressed:

Magnesium is responsible for thousands of processes in the body, and one of our biggest issues issues)

Iron overload:  - then watch with this, the following playlists may be something that you can take on later on as you begin to run these protocols in conjunction with the Dr Morse knowledge and working on hydration and kidney filtration… but with  a sufficient budget for these items, doing all at once would increase speed of results.


Vitamin E - important to support the liver especially having loaded up on Polyunsaturated fats/extended periods in caloric deficient state/ketosis:


The truth about PUFAs:






CLF protocol - understanding iron overload, the importance of bio-available copper and reversing damage from omega 3’s, fixing poor iron utilisation and working from the ground up on deficiencies (at the same time as doing the juicing/Morse protocols, understanding how to approach the diet and balance detox symptoms -


Magnesium - MagTech

[] — (WOLFVISIONS for discount)

This is if you aren’t using the water carbonator and magnesium carbonate [] [] and following the instructions. 


Beef Liver Caps - for the bio-available copper, to utilise the iron, if you are avoiding beef liver capsules [], for a discount voucher type in:

 DANIEL05 - they also sell a quality cascara sagrada for helping move the bowels... 

Shilajit -

for all MitoLife products, use my referral code for a discount: "WOLFVISIONS"


slightly cheaper than Matt's, 90 pills, 3-5 pills per day, should last around 18-30 days, for this protocol: 

Pure Shilajit Tablets - Click this referral link of mine to order:

15% off with the coupon "TRYITNOW"

I'd recommend at least 3 months worth to expect long term results, but changes will be still noticed quite quickly.

Vitamin E - Matt's brand MitoLife:, or Thorne's Ultimate E is the best form of vitamin E

Desiccated oyster is another rich form of bioavailable copper to balance out the iron/copper see-saw and increase oxygen utilisation - here's a listing for Australian clients, they may ship globally, Matt also sells one, compare pricing but avoid anything with fillers/any other isolated forms of minerals that aren't strictly from wholefood sources (the oyster itself): 

$10 off with this link Here 


Pearl Powder (calcium):


Reishi spores - for antimicrobial, gut healing, immune boosting and regenerative effects


This is the link to the product:


Below is the distributor or retail link. You get 33.3% off with distributor for one time payment of 50....

So if you get 3 months worth you already save $40. Retail is $99 each or $66 for distributor.


So here’s the link to sign up as either retail or distributor - and when it gives you the option to choose, type “spores” in the search bar when it asks you to choose what product you want to get ("ganoderma spore powder" - organic) then it'll take you to the page to decide how many you want, and it’ll say auto-ship, but once it sends out you can cancel the auto-shipping, if necessary.

Chaga mushroom -


Camu camu:

Acerola cherry:

Vitamin K2 or Thorne Research, 3-K Complete.... or Sports Research - VITAMIN K2, Featuring MenaQ7, but something with MK4

Vitamin B3 - Niacinamide:


Systemic Enzymes - for calcification, cleaning the GI tractt, breaks down necrotic debris in the blood, excessive fibrin, supports respiratory, cardiovascular, circulatory, and sinus health: 

or Puradyme brand: 

Sodium/potassium deficiency can be corrected through using 1/3-1/2 teaspoon of Icelandic (or celtic) sea salt once or twice a day, morning and night, in an adrenal tonic - adding this to a juice or putting directly in the mouth and swallowing with a mouth full of juice, and continuing to drink said juice:

(Matt also has a discount code for the crucial four website: 'blackburn10' - as with the other items on his recommended page.

To rebuild a sluggish metabolism, chaga mushroom, pine pollen, the dark roasted organic coffee shots to speed up metabolism after regulating blood sugar beforehand with juice/meal, consistent small meals to slowly reintroduce more carbohydrate density until we begin to correct the gut/micro biome issue hand-in-hand

The Root Cause protocol - (a little more in depth understanding on how to get high quantities of bio-available minerals into the body, to counter-act the deficiencies, and then/as well as using herbs / fruits (which have minerals but far less concentrated forms, key minerals being magnesium (preferably bicarbonate, using purified water and a carbonator -, some juicing and working the kidneys / glands to open up the lymphatic system for elimination of stagnant acids within tissue.

Password rcp123



Things to avoid in the protocol:

Avoid taking boron, iodine in isolated form (use kelp, dulse or other seaweed in salads), also avoid taurine in isolated form (use "Perfect Aminos" amino acids pr Puradyme Liyf Essentials, Matt has a list of recommended products at [] - sea moss gel is also a good method of minerals but lacks the fulvic/humic acid which are powerful chelators of heavy metals and other toxins.


Avoid rice bran, the Diatomaceous Earth may help though, depending the condition. Rebuilding gut / microbiome is important after you begin the process of dealing with deficiencies / imbalance of vitamins or minerals - see the Vitamin K product description for the info on which minerals / vitamins relate to one another, each is on its own see-saw: 

Cod liver oil (this contains omega 3’s which should be avoided as much as possible, Matt’s instagram / YouTube will mention healthier fats to intake, MCT oil (isolated form of coconut oil) is one of the best, has many healing properties) the cod liver is mainly for vitamin A, which can be sourced in large amounts from beef liver (if the deficiencies are significant, then it is important to bring this up quickly… similar to how Robert Morse uses glandulars for the adrenals/kidneys, desiccated tissue is really helpful to get fast results. Here’s a link to Matt’s recommended products where you can also find the Beef Liver capsules - ....instead, for healthy oils, avocado / MCT isolated form in salads is a very easy to break down, gentle on the body and has huge anti microbial effects 

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